Meadow -The Game-


what is MEADOW?






MEADOW - what's it all about?

In a hole in the ground, there lived an Ant. No, not a nasty dirty wet hole, nor yet a dry bare sand hole: It was an Ant hole and that meant comfort.


Well, that's where our little story begins. The ant I am talking about is called Antony and it's up to you if this cute and tiny creature will survive in a dark and menacing world several centimeters below the ground.


Unfortunately, no one can be told what the MEADOW really is. You have to see it for yourself.


To be honest, that's not really true. In fact, it's quite the other way 'round: It's pretty simple to explain what MEADOW exactly is.

Meadow is an isometric point-and-click adventure. This means you don't have to kill hundreds of more or less innocent people like in these incredibly violent and evil shooter games. Instead, you've got to solve challenging puzzles, follow an interesting plot and enjoy all the funny and witty stuff the lovely characters say. From time to time you may have to injure someone seriously, but let's face it: There's a lot worse stuff that the kids watch on the telly everyday.

As mentioned above, the exciting extra in MEADOW is that it is not about the boring problems of humans, but about the thrilling adventures of little insects. If that's not enough, they wear fancy clothes like Hawaiian shirts and tasteful ties.


Just in case you still don't get what it's all about, have a look at the screenshots section to let the pictures speak for themselves.


So, if MEADOW is the game you have been waiting for your whole life, or if you just need something to talk about during your next dinner party, just head for the download section and get your copy of it!


Bee in a Bottle

Did I mention that I also did an animated short movie about a bee trapped in a bottle? Well, it's somehow related to MEADOW - the game - , so if you love MEADOW I'm quite sure that you'll like 'Bee in a Bottle'.

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