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The following links (none so far, but they will grow in numbers) are related to the creation of this game or game programming in general. As I am using Windows on my computer, all the links are primarily for windows-related stuff. But quite a few programs were also ported from/to other platforms.


Programming Resources and IDEs

JAVA There you can get the latest Java SDK.


Javabuch The (free!) online version of Guido Krüger's JAVA programming handbook. It's great for learning JAVA. You must understand German, though.


BlueJ A free JAVA IDE which is designed for students learning to program with JAVA. Although it's supposed to be used for learning purposes I still stick to it, because it is very easy and yet powerful.


AdventureGameStudio A point-and-click adventure creation kit. Although I've never used it by myself, I think it's a great tool.


OGRE 3d engine Everybody who wants to get his or her hands on a nice (and free!) 3d engine should have a look at OGRE first.


Dev C++ IDE A very nice C++ IDE. Definetly my favourite.


2D Graphics Software

Paint Shop Pro This is my graphics tool of choice for years. Although it's not for free, it is quite reasonably priced and offers very good value for your money. Experienced Photoshop users may miss some fancy filters, but on the other hand it's a lot faster to use.


GIMP A free-to-use graphics tool. Although the GIMP is astonishingly powerful, I still find it quite difficult to use.


VirtualDub An incredible video capture/processing utility. VERY FAST even on old an crappy computers!


ArtRage This drawing simulation is not really related to computer games. But as it is just fun to use, you should definetly give it a try when you have some spare minutes.


3D Graphics Software

gmax This 3D Studio Max spin-off was designed to help you to create 3d models for your favourite computer game. Although it doesn't really support a lot of games, I used it to create all the models you can see in MEADOW. It is just a shame that it does not come with a renderer. that's probably the reason why it's completely free.


Maya If I had a lot of money to spend, Maya would be the 3d modelling and animation tool of choice. Extremely versatile and yet easy to get started you geld everything you need. I had the opportunity to create 'Bee in a Bottle' with it at university and was really amazed by this program.


Deled 3D I just recently discovered this 3D Modeller. The next time I create game models and levels I will give it a try. The free LITE comes with all necessary features you need.


Blender Probably the most sophisticated open source 3D modelling, animation and rendering software available.


Milkshape 3D The traditional choice for creating your own 3D game models. Supports a LOT of different formats. It's not for free but VERY reasonably priced.


Audio Software

Audacity A great open source program for recording and editing sounds.


Other Resources and Software

SELFHTML A good point to start when you want to teach yourself html (in German!). So far, there's no thorough English translation.


TextPad A good text editor. A pity it's not for free.


SourceForge With more than 100,000 open source projects hosted, SourceForge is the place to look for open source software. Software Directory A very useful directory for shareware and freeware software (in German!).


TYPO3 The CMS System which has been used to create this site. It is very flexible and powerful, therefore it is quite complex and it takes some time to get to know it.





I've also got some links to other games and interesting stuff on the net.



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