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2006-12-29 - Forums reopened

As some of you may have noticed, the forums were down for quite a while. Last night I deleted all spam posts and reopened the forums. I would be very delighted to see some activity down there. read more

By crispi, 29.12.06 04:43

2006-12-29 - New Beta released

After months of hibernation, I finally managed to get some work done and to release a new beta version of MEADOW. It contains a few technical fixes and a lot of new in-game item graphics. Just head to the Download section to get your copy today!
It's just a shame I won't have a lot of time in the n...
read more

By crispi, 29.12.06 02:30

2006-01-14 - Work on MEADOW will recommence

Some of you might have noticed that there weren't any updates at all on the site for the last few weeks. This will change in the near future, as the work on MEADOW will recommence on 2005-02-13. Stay tuned! read more

By crispi, 14.01.06 11:17

2005-10-31 - Revealing Unpleasent Remnants of the Past

Regarding all the complaints about the collision detection and the pathfinding of the inhabitants of the MEADOW world, I am having a look on the old code about all this stuff. Everything dates back to 2001 'til 2002, so it looks pretty messy down there. Anyhow, I make steady progress and Antony will... read more

By crispi, 31.10.05 00:14

2005-10-24 - Work Progress

Just a few infos for everyone who's waiting for the next version: I'm done with replacing the dummy object graphics with nice new ones. After some more set dressing and some work on the collision detection the second beta version will be released. read more

By crispi, 24.10.05 01:18

2005-10-19 - is online

Finally! After weeks of frustration (thanks to my old webhost) I made myself comfortable at this nice new site. Although there aren't many visual differences between the old site and the new, under the surface many things have changed. First of all, I used the famous TYPO3 Conten Management System t... read more

By crispi, 19.10.05 23:14

2005-10-17 - New Website under construction

The new website is currently under construction. When the last technical challenges are overcome, I'll move from to read more

By crispi, 17.10.05 01:02

2005-09-16 - New features for the final version

After some serious consideration I decided to implement some nifty features. The final version will include:

- .mp3 support

- shadows

- language files (so that translations can be made without altering the source code)
read more

By crispi, 16.09.05 00:00

2005-08-18 - MEADOW beta 0.9 released

Head for the download section now to get YOUR copy of the new version of MEADOW. Although there are still a lot of features missing, all puzzles of the final versions are included. read more

By crispi, 18.08.05 00:00

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